Sunday July 15, 2018

Father: Anti-Castro Cuban National, Mother: USA National, Ted: Born in Canada.
Attended Faith West Academy in Katy Texas, Second Baptist (High School) in Houston Texas. Princeton Under-Graduate, Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law, Graduated magna cum Laude, editor of the Harvard Law review. Was remembered by noted attorney and Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz as being “off the charts brilliant”
So far so good.

With Mr Cruz’s law career, he worked on a numbers of projects for the National Rifle Association, Prepared testimony for the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton and was part of George W. Bush’s legal team in Florida during the recount on the votes form the 2000 election. Bush v Gore.
This man has the pedigree.
Listed as a relative outsider in his Senate run, he defied all odds and won election over a strong republican opponent in the primaries and an equally tough democrat in the general election.
Cruz received support from Sarah Palin, Radio Host Mark Levin, Former Attorney General Ed Meese (yes, the guy that got Playboy banned at 7/11), The Tea Party Express and the right wing blog RedState. His supporters include current and former congress members Tom Coburn, Jim Demint, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Pat Toomey and Rick Santorum. Texas State Governor Rick Perry and even the editor of The Blaze - Glenn Beck.
The right has crystalized around this guy. As far as credentials, I doubt I could craft a fictitious resume that would look better than what Mr Cruz has actually accomplished. A wonderful family with 2 great kids.
This guy is perfect. Until he speaks about policy.
Cruz announces his candidacy for president at Liberty University. This is a tremendously symbolic event. Liberty University was founded by Televangelist Jerry Falwell to educate the next group of fundamentalist Christian leaders.
Mr Fallwell first dabbled into politics with his movement the Moral Majority back in 1980. The MM was founded to push Christian Values into the national political agenda. Let’s look at the values the MM put forth.
Anti Abortion
Anti Gay Rights
Anti Science
Anti School (if schools weren’t Public, the churches would educate the children)
World is 6000 years old – the Jesus on Dinosaurs theory

Anti-Islam (very pro-Israel)
And so on, and so on. Ladies and gentleman – quite possibly the most influential person of the last 40 years. Jerry Fallwell. Fallwell’s agenda is Cruz’s agenda – and Palins, Toomeys, Tom Cottons, Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana), Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, half of Rand Paul, all of Rick Perry, Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, and on a good day Jeb Bush – certainly his brother George.
Moral Majority Values have been rebranded as the Tea Party.
We can loop back to all of this in a moment.
Mr Cruz ran a one man filibuster in the Senate. This target of this rant was he Affordable Care act. The rant wasn’t delaying a vote, it was really about Cruz going on record to the American public as being against what is shaping up to be a rather effective bill. He was showing off his good side being an angry White obstructionist – and did it in spades. What a waste of all of his real talent - and that talent is queer bashing,

god hates fags

Cruz committed what some would view as a treasonous act by signing a letter to the leadership of Iran, while the Obama administration was involved in peace negotiations.
Cruz inserted foot into mouth during an interview with CNN. Mrs Cruz had recently resigned from her position at Goldman Sachs Banking. The Cruz family had historically received their health care from Goldman. When questioned on their plans for future healthcare – The Cruz’s will be using the Affordable Care Act provided exchange. People ate this up as irony, but in reality, this is minor.

Cruz is a climate change denier – as are the rest of the Tea Party. Tea party/Oil Party – doesn’t really matter. They are all willing to pollute something be it Boston Harbor or the Gulf of Mexico.
Ted, its fine that you deny science. If this is the case, why did you select the Senate group that funds NASA to be your pet project. Is it because all of that nasty climate change news seems top come from the folks at NASA and if you control their funding, you can manipulate their reporting? That isn’t a hypothetical question – I should simply change from a Jeopardy type response and toss it over the fence at you.

Today – another VERY interesting item pops up from the folks at NASA. That agency seems to believe that we will find life places other than Earth in the next decade. What happens to a fundamentalist bible view if “We are Not Alone”? What if we find life that is more advanced that ours – Are we still perfect because we are created in Gods image? Would we need to contend with the fact that the history of the earth most likely starts millions of years ago as opposed to 6000? What if Adam and Eve are not Human Zero and One? All of this time, I thought you denied science because it was a benefit of your financial backers who are in the anti-environment industry. The reality Mr Cruz, you are now the keeper of the faith. Holding the purse strings of the folks that can end the Falwell created myth.  This is your higher purpose.

Alas, the GOP has managed to raise almost 1 million dollars for the homophobic owners of a Pizza Shop in Indiana, and 31 million for Mr Cruz. A public outpouring reminiscing of Jerry Falwell raising funds for the Bakers Amusement park.  Good or bad, the right seems to stike together. 

ted cruz octopus
I am very sorry you were bitten by a shark. Don’t take it out on the rest of us.


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