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Its Monday November 24, 2014.
The Jets and Bills were playing in Detroit due to the snow in Buffalo. The Ravens were playing the Saints in the Big Easy.
This day also marked the time when the world would know the Grand Jury decision in the Darren Wilson/Micheal Brown/Ferguson MO situation.
I had paid a bit of attention to the events in Ferguson, but mostly because I was horrified by the type of equipment being deployed by the combine police forces. There were protest, they seemed mostly peaceful and it looked like what I could imagine the Green Zone in Baghdad looks like on a bad day.
I said my peace about the militarization of police – then got back on with my life.

The press started buzzing about the fact that this decision was going to be big, so I perked back up. It was news, I love news.
During the afternoon of November 24th, the sources close started stating that the Grand Jury had finished deliberations and would share that decision later that day. I kept watching the clock assuming that the decision would be aired prior to close of business in the central time zone. That would be 6pm my time. At around 6pm, word came that the verdict would be shared at 8pm central time. My initial assumption was that the news had to be palatable enough to share then. It would be dark, people would be home from work and the news would be in place. I truly assumed that the case of Darren Wilson would be turned over to the courts for trail. There were a few possible charges that were on the table, ranging from summary offenses to felonies. This Grand Jury was not in place to convict Darren Wilson, only to determine if there was enough probable cause to send it to a trial jury – a jury of Wilson's peers. Most of time I have faith in our system, I don't always like the individuals in that system, but the infrastructure is well thought out. I have said previously, I was not on the scene when Michael Brown was killed, therefore I have no idea what happened. I have a little Show Me State in my mind set as well. I was sure that with all of the attention being paid to this case, and the tensions that arouse out of it – good would be done. Everyone would go home happy and ready to do battle in the court system.  A system that is designed to help settle matters in cases like this.
Before we get going with this, I need to explain a bit about myself. I consider myself on center left on social issues, on the center right on economic matters.  I dislike war, the human and financial costs generally do not out weigh the gains – I do however think that war is sometimes inevitable and even necessary. Call it Moderate Republican, Rockefeller Republican, call it Mugwump. That's it. I try to use logic and reason instead of party lines or mob mentality to analyze situations.
Back to Ferguson. I am watching CNN – I find MSNBC and Fox too extreme most of the time. CNN may be a train wreck, but I have watched them long enough to know how to filter their information or misinformation.
A little after 9pm east coast, a man approaches a podium, this is a man I have never seen and hadn't heard his name. He is St Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCullough. I know nothing about the man. He starts to speak. Mr McCullough is well spoken and looks competent and very much like a politician. He may even be part of a golf fore some I have bumped into over the years. He begins to speak. My wife, neighbor and myself have no idea how this will go down. None of us has seen Grand Jury decisions issued. We know that they are conducted privately and the actual votes of the individual jurors would not be made public.  That's all we knew.
The speech starts with outlining the case, the evidence and the process – standard stuff. Then we start to hear all of the reasons why  any evidence supporting Michael Brown including the eye witnesses was no good or irrelevant. What?  Woven in to the middle of the conversation, you hear "No True Bill" - I pick up on it. I send a text to a friend saying sound like no indictment.  I then begin to question what I had heard. McCullough is still speaking and the crowds in front of the St County Courthouse weren't reacting. I send another text "hang tight, I may have been wrong" Moments later, the CNN streaming info text across the bottom of the screen states that there will be no indictment. I think to myself – now what? McCullough still speaking, discussing what a horrible case he had on his hands. CNN's split screen showed a few folks outside of the court house moving away from the police barriers with the look of disgust on their faces – true true anger. I am in shock. Has the system failed? What went wrong here. Surely there couldn't be any harm in sending this thing to trail. Its a trail, that where people who are accused of things get a fair shake – they have a right to have someone beside them to present your argument to the public. A person trained and skilled. At the very least, St Louis County could have shown the world that they were misjudged and are a fair group. They could have proved to the world that they were willing to work with both sides to get to the bottom of the matter. They elected to not do go this route.

seasons greetings

So, as SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPECTED, the crowd got nasty. The police were eerily calm. It was night time, a very bad time to try to put of fire with gasoline. Initially the protesters were loud, shovey, inconsolable (before anyone jumps on Browns Stepfather's comments, I will get here – we are not seeing that in real time)
The crowds got worse, the cops start shooting smoke canisters to guide the mob. An abandoned Police car is in flames (please take note, how did that car get there? In almost every riot situation it seems that the WORST squad car on the force is the one that gets trashed and burned-----it looked like bait) The CNN reporters are stating its Tear Gas – I am going to add 2 tweets, one from ST Louis County PD and one from the FBI stating it was smoke.

 stl no gas


fbi no gas


Within moments, the crowd vanishes. A much smaller crowd now appears, more smoke, then more vanishing. This is repeated several times. The crowd had been a few thousand, it now appears to be a few hundred - --- this is important to me in the fact that the folks who wanted to be heard, but didn't want violence or destruction LEFT THE AREA. This few hundred, now begins the mayhem. The Liquor store at the center of the Mike Brown matter is being looted, next Little Caesars Pizza, O'reilly Auto Parts, fires are everywhere. Chaos is everywhere. Cops are every where. The National Guard Troops have not been moved in from their fixed positions. I went to bed. The next morning I find 25 structures were burned and the National Guard had not been released. The riots continued all night.


The next morning, I wake to find the complete transcripts of the Grand Jury case in my inbox. McCullough had done what he said he would do – he made all of the documents public. 70 hours of testimony. I had one opinion of Robert McCullough when I went to bed, maybe I would have different one today.  I am always an optimist.

Everything to this point has been a fairly open opinion of the situation. Over the last week, my opinion has changed - significantly.

What I will now do is make a presentation of some facts. I am going to post the high level descriptions of those opinons and then add links to specific articles that helped form them. Where possible, I will use little speculation.  I will site the most main stream news sources. Let's say I am using other peoples words to make a case for or against something. Almost one side of a trial would have been.

Let me start with the New York Times article that recounts the "play by play" of the killing. Yes, it was a shooting, but since someone was killed, it can also be called a killing – a lefty may call it a murder, a righty will call it a shooting – a man was killed, therefore its a killing by the most strict of definitions.

This article was produced 8/13/2014 and was subsequently brought current on 11/25/2014. It seems to be a clear outline of the facts.

Next – Robert McCullough St Louis County Prosecutor.

McCullough's office was tasked with releasing the name of the Police Officer involved in the killing of Mike Brown - he waited fos days to do this.  Immediately prior to the release of that information, McCullough's office releases security camera footage of what appears to be Mike Brown, stealing a pack of cigars from a Liquor Store.  When the shop keeper attempts to confront Brown, he is pushed out of the way.  This will be know as THE STRONG ARMED ROBBERY.  I believe there is no coincidence that this info hit the media moments before the name of Wilson.  Hello America - our guy is named Darren Wilson - look at the career criminal his actions  our guy removed from society.  I suspect that if the cigar incident was taken to court on its own merits, the death penalty would not have been associated with the charges.
When it was announced that McCullough would be handling the case, many people close to the matter were uncomfortable.  They didnt think the case would be given fair treatment. McCullough is closely involved with the police, many of his immediate family members are police. Mr McCullough's father was killed, in the line of duty as a police officer when McCullough was very young. Opinion; with all of this connection to the police and FOP – I would also assume there is going to be a bias. Allowing McCullough to prosecute this case was going to leave an open hole to anyone prepared to critique the results.
Article 8/14/2014

McCullough was president of an organization that raised funds for Darren Wilson. The Backstoppers.


Governor Jay Nixon did not appoint a Special Prosecutor to the case 8/21/2014

To me, this feels like a set up.

Lets jump forward.
Apparently the most basic of police steps were not followed at the crime scene and during the time after. The Police crime scene camera didn't have batteries, measurements were not taken. Wilson drives himself to the police station, Wilson washes his hands and bags his gun into evidence. And so on and so on. This crime scene could not have possibly been a less secure location. In spite of the fact that Michael Brown laid in the street for four and one half hours, all of these basic normal police operations were missed.  Time was not a factor.

Darren Wilson

Wilson was fired from a prior police job, in a department that was so bad, it was disbanded

The next is a reference to the above – it is slightly less main stream so they have more "abrasive" detail

Wilson's Interview with George Stephanopoulos.
This is opinion – Wilson looked amazingly calm. He didn't not show the slightest bit of remorse. He looked coached and possibly sedated. He had never been on national TV before, most people cannot speak in front of a group of 8.  In any instance where one person has taken another persons life, I suspect there to be remorse at least for the grieving family. He was not remorseful in the least. If I were coaching Mr Wilson, I would direct him to do exactly what he did. This closes the door on ANY speculation as to if there were any alternative ways to deal with the Brown confrontation. It gives nothing to opposing council in the event of a civil suit. Wilson said something that was so predictable, so flagrant that it has the ear marks of a bad, bad cop movie. Wilson tells America. " I saw Brown make a move toward his waist band".....In what event that is outlined in any of the testimony, would Mike Brown need to make a move toward his waist band? He had no weapon. It does however show that Wilson felt that he could have been harmed. (*Note the police involved in the killing of Tamir Rice in Cleveland last week also had the 12 year old going into his waistband)  I will not call BS on any single element of any piece of this case......except that one. Officer Wilson, that could not have ever happened. He may have charged you, you may have felt threatened, but I strongly doubt that mystical X factor of Probable Cause action took place. No need for commentary Mr Wilson– just know that at least 3 people know that never happened – Me, You and the person who convinced you to testify to that.

This is a random link – to a Criminal Defense Law Firm in California......Just read it, I promise it will be worth the few minutes. If this wasn't a common occurrence, there wouldn't be this much time dedicated to it by a law firm.


Last on this front. The Grand Jury Proceedings.
If you are looking to make a case, it would make sense to let the people who are tasked with making a decision know what exactly you would like them to accomplish. In these Grand Jury proceedings, that should have been very clear. Here are the possible charges. Here is what we know. Do any of the facts make you believe we should investigate further into the possibility of any of those charges.
Commentary on that last statement.

This article is from September 9. The St Louis County prosecutors gave no direction to the Grand Jury – they simply hammered them with unvetted details.

Knowledge of the law is not required to be a Juror. Getting bad information about the law, is something completely different. If this tid bit doesn't make you scratch your head, nothing will.  Watch the video.  The prosecutors office loaded the Grand Jury up with bad information, allowed people to testify without correcting the error (sic) - then corrected it at the end of the case.  In a real court case, this is at least a mistrial.


Let's bring it all home - The man charged with having a case that is balanced,  leans heavily toward the police -- the strong majority of the time.  The police do a poor job with the crime scene and most of the evidence.  The cop, has been on some lousy squads and may or may not have been trained correctly - at least as to being a police officer.  The case unfolds in a bizarre fashion to the grand jury.  Once again, I don't  have a dog in this race, but this just looks horrible on paper.

Lets refer to this next part as extra curricular activities.  They  are not directly involved with the Darren Wilson case.  They do however move in the same orbit. 

I said I would address Louis Head, better know as Mike Browns stepfather.  Moments after the decision was rendered, Mr Head was video taped first consoling his wife, then screaming "Burn this B"""" Down" -repeatedly-. Soon there after, Ferguson was on fire.  Mr Head provided all of the "protester porn" the media was going to need.  Mr Head, I have deep sympathy for you in regards to the loss of your child.  As a father, I cant say how I would have reacted in the same situation.  The eruptions may have happened any way, but you have made yourself the poster man for bad behavior in this event.  The Missouri Lt Governor, Peter Kinder, is calling for charges to be filed for inciting a riot.  I will not post a video here not. I am attempting to with hold anything, most of America has seen it.   I will not be able to mentally cope with the idea that I have possible evidence to a crime posted on my site.  That's what the main stream media is for.  Good luck Mr Head.

On Sunday November 23, Michael Brown Sr was Baptized by a friend, Reverend Carlton Lee at the Flood Christian Church.  Lee had been vocal that Wilson should be arrested and charged for the homicide of Michael Brown.  On Monday November 24, as many businesses in Ferguson burned, the Flood Christian Church burned as well.  Lee claims the fire was set by white supremacists as payback.

Also Monday evening - Deandre Joshua is found dead, shot in the head in his car, his body had been set on fire.  His car was parked near the area where Mike Brown was killed.  There is some significance here - Joshua may have been a witness in front of the Grand Jury.  Joshua certainly knew Mike Brown.  Multiple reports state that Joshua fits the social profile of a witness who gave testimony.  We may never know.


Side show.  Hackers vs the KKK.  If you want more detail, you can research it, simple web searches will get you the info.  There is quite a bit of it. 

I am going to provide a high level of these interchanges because I think its important to the history of the situation.

The local KKK near Ferguson MO states that they will protect private property if riots happen, including use of deadly force.  They site the Mo Legal Statute that would allow this.  The Hacker collective Anonymous responds to the Klan by stating they will use whatever they can to stop the Klan from using force against the protesters.  The Klan fires back in a way that Anonymous found threatening.  Anonymous seizes Klan websites and a few twitter accounts.  They proceed to find as much information as possible about members of the Klan, and begin posting it on the internet.  The national KKK then seizes a few of Anonymous Twitter accounts.  Shortly there after, a pile of the Ferguson area Klan Leaders personal information is posted to the internet.  Name, Address, Social Security number, Credit Card numbers, and so on.  Anonymous even managed to have a few of his public utilities turned off.   Apparently when this type of information is released, the bad guys gobble it up and use it, heavily. 



Bottom line

There was no indictment.  Hundreds of protesters around the US have been arrested.  Ferguson is a militarized zone again.  People lost their businesses.  People have lost their lives.  Black Friday protests at retailers, web sites hacked and bad blood is boiling.  A church is in rubble.  Wilson has resigned.  Mike Brown is still dead.

Would it have been so difficult to see all of this coming?  Would it have been so difficult to follow the script and have a trial?

What did the world gain by letting Wilson off at the time they did?










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