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The concept of conspiracy is almost as old as man itself. Let’s look back at the day of Brutus and the Senators (feel free to use that for your garage band name). How was this event viewed at the time? Angry employees? Regime change? Was it Cleopatra attempting a coup? Was it the will of the heavens? It is impossible to tell what exactly the major papyrus’ were publishing at the time, but ultimately the story came out and it is part of the permanent record aka history. The senate thought that the chief executive had too much power and orchestrated his demise.

With the possibility of many theory’s surrounding JC’s death, and the lack of ability to provide good information – people would fill in the blanks with their own narrative about what happened. At this time the world may well have experienced its first conspiracy theories.

According to the current set of conspiracy theorists the world is doomed by an evil plot to subject all of mankind into a form of modern slavery. This plot is being planned by the Freemasons, The Knights Templar, The Roman Catholic Church, The United Nations, The Rothschild family, The Illuminati, The Council or Foreign Relations or any of the other hundreds of entities set on delivering a New World Order on the unsuspecting masses. The evildoers put fluoride in our water to make us dumb, they force vaccines on us to make us passive or autistic and feed us genetically modified food to make us sterile. That every military conflict in recent history has been set off by some form of false flag. The world is awash in such theories.

Not all conspiracy is global and slow moving. One such example is the assassination of the President of the USA, John Kennedy. He was either killed by the CIA, the Mafia, an angry ex-boyfriend of a mistress, the Cubans, the Russians, a lone ranger or a few others depending on which theory you personally subscribe to.

americas enduring conspiracy theories

Another event has garnered much attention of the conspiracy minded. The events of September 11, 2001. The United States suffered a great disaster that day. Many people died as a result of some coordinated acts of terror. The landscape of America was changed both physically and emotionally by noon on a random Tuesday many years ago. The events still shape much of our society today. The fear of evildoers is one heck of a motivating force. America has an open wound that other evildoers occasionally pour salt into.

No other event has been torn apart and dissected by the conspiracy community more than the events of 9/11. It’s easy draw parallels between the assassination of JFK and the events of 9/11. First and foremost is that the official story is almost unbelievable. Half-hearted investigations were put forth of both and the crazy stories were upheld by the researchers. To justify the statement “half-hearted”. During the investigation into the improprieties between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, the budget was set at $40m. To investigate major league baseball player Barry Bonds for his use of steroids and his obstruction of justice $50m. The budget for the commission that was to investigate the single largest act of terror against the United States was $14m. Sex with an intern and a baseball player gets $90m and there wasn’t a loss of a single life in both events. The largest and most sinister event in US history, the investigation gets a fraction of the budget. For this and many other reasons the conspiracy theories abound.

Below are links to some of the more famous/infamous of the many (and I mean many) movies and videos that exist about what could have possibly taken place on that Tuesday.

Loose Change – 2 hours

Architects and Engineers for 911truth – summary in link 10 minutes

Zeitgeist – under 30 minutes

All of these have a few recurring themes. First is that the official story that 19 dudes with box cutters managed to hijack 4 planes from US airports. They utilized a few hours of flight training and were able to perform highly technical flight maneuvers in aircraft that are significantly larger than anything they trained and tested poorly with in the past. Two of the planes, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon left little to no wreckage. The pentagon which is one of the most protected buildings in the country with a camera in every direction yielded little to no surveillance footage. The explosions in NYC were so massive and intense that not a piece of the plane was left and the subsequent fires burned so hot for so long as to melt the steel support beams holding up a building. This building happens to have been designed to withstand impact from a plane yet a passport of one of the hijackers was found lying on the ground nearby. A third building that was not hit by a plane, a 40+ story building, collapsed as well from the heat in the other structures that were burning. This was planned in a cave on the other side of the world by an evildoer on dialysis who publically stated he had nothing to do with the event. Not taking credit is certainly not indicative of someone wishing to cause terror. Wrap that in the fact that this event was used to invade 2 natural resource rich sovereign nations while kicking up military sending exponentially. The event also upped the spending at home on policies that allowed the government to track every move of every citizens without a warrant from the court in violation of the US Constitution.   The frightening thing is that these are the facts. This is the official story not the conspiracy. This is what the 9/11 commission validated – at least the portions that related directly to the attacks. It’s not hard to understand why people felt that there are some blanks that need to be filled in, thus creating the conspiracy.

Some of the conspiracy theories are: This tragedy was planned and orchestrated by criminal elements from within the US government. That the 3 building in NYC collapsed because of explosive charges being placed inside the building – this is supported by a number of eye witnesses from people on the street to the first responders. Explosions and flashes were rampant during the moments prior to the collapse. (This system stays with the conspiracy section as it is not part of the official story regardless of how many people claim to have seen or heard the explosions). The Pentagon was hit by some sort of missile. That large amounts of gold were removed from the WTC area prior to the attack. The Hebrew’s that worked in the WTC were instructed not to go to work on 9.11. The Israeli Mossad were seen high fiving each other as the building burned. The pentagon had recently announced that is couldn’t account for 3 trillion dollars in spending and the files to investigate this missing money were held in the area that was hit and burned at the Pentagon.   All of these have been put forward as possibilities as to why this horrible day was brought to the USA.


Here is what we are sure of. President George W Bush was elected to office in November 2000. Even this was marred by scandal. The Bush administration was comprised of many executive branch veterans. Some had worked for the President’s father, George HW Bush. Many of them had been part of the Ronald Reagan administration and some date back to the Gerald Ford administration. One of these was Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney aka Dick. Dick had been Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staff – replacing Donald Rumsfeld. He was GHWB’s Secretary of Defense and had served as a US Congressman from the State of Wyoming. In his time in the House of Representatives he served in such ranking positions as Minority Whip and Chairman of the House Republican Conference. Between 1987 and 1989 he was the director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He served GHWB, then headed back to The Council on Foreign Relations and also joined the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative right wing think tank.  

AEI’s stated mission is “to defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom and democratic capitalism – limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility, vigilant and effective defense and foreign policies, political accountability and open debate. AEI members will play a large role in George W Bush’s administration. The United State ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton and deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz were also members of AEI. Wolfowitz was Deputy to Donald Rumsfeld – Cheney replaced Rumsfeld in the Ford administration. This band had been together for years.


During his free time, Dick became the Chief Executive Officer of the oil services company Halliburton. While heading up Defense, Cheney was tasked with saving a buck here and there. He accomplished this by outsourcing portions of the non-fighting roles of the military. One company that was awarded many of these new non-essential pentagon deals was named Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR). Halliburton acquired KBR in 1998 with their acquisition of Dresser Industries.

During the Presidential election of 2000, Bush tapped Dick Cheney as an advisor. Cheney’s task at this time was to determine who would be best as Bush’s Vice Presidential pick. Cheney after accessing the field of candidates for that position, heartlessly offered himself for another tour of public service. Having your VP candidate be your contrast seems to be a pattern in American politics. Bush was young, Cheney was an insider, Cheney was smart and Bush was likeable. They are all polar opposite type traits.

Rumsfeld spent his time while not on the tax payers payroll running companies such as Searle Pharmaceuticals, General Instruments and a biotech company Gilead Science. (Gilead developed the drug Tamiflu and licensed it to Roche Pharmaceuticals in November of 2005. The Bush Administration gave out $7.1b in response to fears of the “bird flu”. $1b of this was allocated to the purchase of Tamiflu. Rumsfeld was recommended to Bush to be the Defense Secretary by his former boss Dick Cheney.

The most intriguing and influential of these people may have been Paul Wolfowitz. We know Wolfowitz had been around for a while. His first notable action was to pen a document named Defense Planning Guidance of 1992. This was the blue print for a Pax Americana style future. The United States would be propelled to greatness and capitalize on the recent fall of the Soviet Union and extort world dominance – or at least prominence. The document was so brash, George H. W. Bush scoffed and told Wolfowitz to rewrite it. I am not saying that in his heart he didn’t agree with the concept, the words were simply too much for the American people to handle. The document was toned down. GHWB lost his election to Bill Clinton in 1992. The Posse was out of power. The Posse joined numerous Washington DC based think tanks. This group approached the new administration with the Wolfowitz document, Clinton passed on implementation.


During the Clinton administration, an attempt to blow up the World Trade center happened on February 26, 1993. The attempt involved a bomb being placed under WTC building 1 and with this detonation the fall of tower 1 was to crash into and demolish tower 2. This sounds eerily familiar but….. The import repercussion of this event was that America was now afraid. America now knew that evildoers from the Middle East, having a love of Allah and a hatred of freedom, were out to get them. Not long after the WTC bombing some domestic terrorists knock down a federal building in Oklahoma City using a similar device as was used in the WTC attempt (vehicle packed with “over the counter” explosives” parked in proximity to the target.  

In 1995 Senate bill S.390 is introduced. The formal name of this document is the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995. This bill was introduced to the House of Representatives by then representative, current Senator Charles Schumer of NY. In review of s390 opponents to the bill took this path: The bill was intended to establish federal criminal jurisdiction over acts of international terrorism. This was viewed as a violation of civil liberties including the right to confront ones accuser. This bill also allowed for the use of evidence from “secret” sources in deportation hearings of suspected terrorists. The basic frame work of the USA Patriot Act is contained in s390. We see the introduction and adoption of the Patriot Act directly after the events of 9/11/01.

In early 1941, the US government begins to look for a site to house the growing Department of Defense. At that time known by the non-Orwellian term, The US War Department. Construction of a new facility in Arlington, VA started on September 11, 1941. A $500m repair and renovation project of the Pentagon began in October of 2001. On October 5, 2001, the leader of this project, Project Phoenix, stated publically that his goal was to have the renovation complete by September 11, 2002.

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld made two statements. 1) “I have no desire to attack the Pentagon; I want to liberate it. We need to save it from itself.” This statement was coupled with 2) (paraphrase) Ugh, we can’t seem to account for 2.3 trillion dollars of defense spending. The missing funds were investigated by congress. The Defense Department got a harsh “talking to” then back to business as usual and funding is increased, regardless of the accounting irregularities, because the US is now under attack. Many of the records need to reconcile the missing funds we said to have been stored in or around the area of the impact on 9/11.

During Bush’s second week in office, he commissions a task force. The National Energy Policy Development Group is its name. Its chairman is Vice President Dick Cheney. Over a period of three and a half months, the group met with producers of coal, petroleum, nuclear, natural gas and electricity lobbyists and industry representatives. The group was operating under the assumption that the US was hosed on the energy front in the next 20 years. In May 2001 the task force releasing their report. This is a 169 page document titled National Energy Policy. A section of this report is titled “Diversity of Supply”. This is where the group outlines why diversifying dependence of foreign oil is a key factor. Canada, South America, Africa, Russia and Asia were all detailed as having supplies of oil that could add to the supply of resource available to the US.   It was during this time that this task force seemed to have an “interest” in the Iraqi Oil Industry. A conservative legal group named Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Task Force that included detailed maps of the Iraqi oil fields, terminals and pipelines as well as a list entitled “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts”. These documents were dated March 2001. Another portion of the Task Force document was titled “Strengthening Global Alliances”. This is where the group calls the Middle East “central to the world oil security”. It urges support for initiatives by the regions oil producers to open their energy sectors to foreign investment. Iraq has the second largest oil reserve in the region, but is under US Sanctions because they have a bad guy running the country.

Based on their sanctions, Iraq was limited as to where they could sell their oil. The Evildoers in Iraq decides to buck the worldwide trend on valuating the price of their oil in US dollars to using the newly created Euro. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with the Oil guys.

gulfwar map1

In 1991, the US was forced to attack Iraq in response to their invasion of the country of Kuwait. The intent was to restore democracy to the sovereign state. By democracy, I mean the classic example of democracy with an Emir (King) and a 50/50 spilt of parliamentary power between an elected parliament and the other half being members of the ruling family. The countries population is generally free by regional standards. However, non-Kuwaiti residents like their migrant workers which are regularly listed on top of the worst offenders of human rights. In particular their offenses in the human trafficking sector….you can read that as slavery if you wish. The US State Department views it in that fashion.

Iraq had been involved in a massive war with their neighbor Iran between 1980 and 1988. Iraq had started in this war with 200,000 soldiers, 2800 tanks, 1400 artillery pieces and 350 helicopters. At the end there remained 175,000 soldiers, 1200 tanks, 400 artillery pieces and 180 helicopters. Basically their military equipment had been cut in half.   In 1991, the US led coalition killed an additional 30,000 soldiers, zapped their tanks, and destroyed much of their artillery and helicopters. Iraq was weak. Oil rich but weak. The world imposed heavy sanctions on Iraq, so they weren’t about to get any stronger any time soon.

During the Iraq v Iran conflict both sides participated in the use of poison gas and chemical weapons. Both countries were purchasing precursor chemicals to produce these agents from the USA. This is during the administration of Ronald Reagan. The United States has openly sided with Iraq and has even been accused of being complicit in providing chemicals to weaponize to the Hussein regime. We do know that Donald Rumsfeld was sent by Reagan to meet with Hussein multiple times and that Rumsfeld was in contact with the Iraqi foreign Minister Tariq Aziz. At this point in time, Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle, the chemical company. (Not pointing a finger, just pointing it out).

Dick: Early 1990’s Cheney as Secretary of Defense awarded contracts to Halliburton (Hal) to rebuild damaged oil infrastructure in Kuwait as a result of the first gulf war. In a similar time frame, Dick asks Hal to prepare a summary of private US companies to replace logistic work done by the US Military with services they provide. Hal is selected by the Army Corp of Engineers to perform these services for Cheney’s Defuse Department. These services are valued at $2.5b over the next decade. In 1995, with Bill Clinton in the White House and Cheney out of his role at the Pentagon, he secures the position of CEO of Halliburton. During Dick’s tenure, HAL set up offshore tax shelters in the Cayman Islands saving the company tons of money on US tax. Estimates have this number at $400m during Cheney’s tenure.   Hal was also involved in a $182m bribery scandal in Nigeria where Cheney himself is named as a participant. Cheney received the most golden of parachutes when he resigned from HAL to join the presidential ticket in 2000 – Dick was given $35.1m to walk away.

ex halliburton exec pleads guilty to 180m bribery

In 1996 Cheney personally lobbied Congress to lift the sanctions on some Middle East countries. When this was rejected, Cheney did what any good American would do, he used the Cayman entities to do business with the sanctioned countries to avoid violating US law. These violations were to the tune of $73m for the sale of oil production equipment and spare parts to Iraq. These things seem to pale in comparison to the greatest of all Dick events. During his tenure, Hal acquired a company named Dresser industries. At the time of the acquisition, Dresser executives noted on the record that HAL had been involved in accounting irregularity by the way they booked revenue. At this time, Hal’s auditor was Arthur Anderson whose clients include many companies that tanked based on Andersons sore keeping and posting of revenue irregularities. Cheney was so fond of Arthur Anderson that he was even personally featured in a promotional video praising Anderson. This all resulted in Dick being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the way it accounted for cost over runs on construction jobs. HAL had been sued by a watchdog group alleging fraud with Hal’s accounting. The group Judicial Watch filed suit against Dick and HAL stating that there had been fraud of the shareholders because the company’s revenue had been overstated. The base of the claim was that revenue was inflated from accounting changes that were not made public as required by law, thus pumping up the share price of HAL. This makes one wonder what the actual financial condition of Hal was in 2000. Was HAL doomed to go the way of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and the many others who had used the same “funky” Arthur Anderson accounting practices. The failures of these giants was at this very time frame. The Enron scandal broke in October 2001 and led to that company’s bankruptcy. Was the heat on or rather how high was the temperature?


Paul Wolfowitz – Currently serving as an advisor to the JEB campaign, let’s get that out right up front. Wolfowitz served as US Ambassador to Indonesia, which happens to be the world’s most populous Muslim Country.   He has also served as the President of the World Bank. Wolfowitz is Neo Con patient zero. His theory, which became known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine was originally drafted while working for Dick in the Pentagon as Under Secretary of Defense. It should be pointed out that his assistant Scooter Libby aided in the drafting of this document. You may remember Scooter as being Dick’s Chief of Staff during Dick’s time as VP. This is also the Scooter that took the rap for “outing’ a CIA agent as a result of that agent’s husband not playing ball on finding connections on Uranium acquisition by Iraq. The original draft of this document was not intended for public review – fortunately a copy was leaked to the New York Times. The document was a “how to manual” for American Imperialism including unilateralism and pre-emptive military action. Remember, the Soviet Union has just collapsed and the USA had no more boogey man that required massive spending to thwart. The USA also had no balance to their check – Wolfowitz merely wanted to exploit the opportunity. This document was snatched up by Dick, as Secretary of Defense and also by Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Colin Powell. It was redrafted prior to official release in 1992. This document pops up later as “The Bush Doctrine”.

Here are some highlights:

Superpower Status. The US is the only one left, don’t let another rise.

US Primacy. The US will hold a leadership role in the new world order.

Unilateralism. The US doesn’t need coalitions.

Pre-emptive Intervention. The US has a right to use force whenever it believes it’s necessary.

Russian Threat. Russia is down, keep them there.

The Middle East and Southwest Asia. In the Middle East and Southwest Asia, our overall objective is to retain the predominant outside power in the region and preserve US and access to the regions oil.

Here is a timeline of the doctrine from the folks at Frontline/PBS.

Bush Doctrine


Be sure to check back - we will try to determine if this backdrop lead to so sort of conspiracy.



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