Sunday June 24, 2018

We read about the ability to use the "teleport" function of Hood Sickle (Villian) and Hoot Loop to pass through Unknown Element gates.  I asure it works on Chapter 2 and Chapter 13.



October 25, we manage to find Trap Team Mirror of Mystery at Gamestop.  There was only one package in store.   The package included The Mirror (with a holograph of Eon - sort of creepy - picture above), the characters Deja Vu and two additional items.

We also picked up the Trapmaster Gear Shift, and an additional Trap  From Best Buy.  The "deal" at Best buy was buy 2 Trap Team items, receive a free Volcanic Eruptor character for free.  This figure is part of the Swap Force series and i believe it came as part of the Nintendo 3DS starter kit.  I may be wrong, but I have not seen it for sale previously.

trapteam unknown gateOn or about October 7, limited supplies of the second Adventure Pack Mirror of Mystery, part of Wave 2, we released in various merchant. We have confirmed sightings and purchases in Best Buy, who was not part of the initial Wave 2 roll out. Wave 2 was to be an exclusive to Toys r Us. We cannot seem to buy this item in a store although it seems to be available from, Best and preorders on with a release dated listed at 12.31.14.





We are Xbox 360 Players.  We love the device.  I have read that failure rates on this device can be as high at 54% of all units sold, may one day end up with the red ring of death.

The popular explaination for the failure rate the device was required in Europe to be Lead free.  This may have lead to failures with the system itself based on the heat genertaed by the system.



At 6:45 p, EDT, we captured Kaos.  Level 18 of Skylanders Trap Team had been completed.  End result, we have a Portal Master rank of 15. 

Characters Used

Day 1

Snap Shot (Water Element), Food Fight, the two provided traps.  We added Wildfire (Fire Element) and Jaw Breaker (Tech Element)



Let's start with my first official retraction.  In an article regarding Skylanders Trap Team, I made an assumption based on history.

This assumption was that the Dark variant of the the Skylanders Trap Team Starter kit would be an exclusive to GameStop.  They have histirically been sold this way.  Dark variants are currently available at many retailers including Target, Toys r Us and Amazon.  The Sunday newspaper circular pointed out my flaw on day 1.