Sunday July 15, 2018

ben carson


The truest of all the "outsiders" potentially eying up a White House run - Please meet Dr Ben Carson.  When I say and outsider, you cannot get any more outside than never holding an elected office.  Dr Carson was not affiliated with any political party until 2014.  Damn, that's outside.

Dr Carson is likely the most intellectually talented amongst the potential candidates of the GOP.  Dr Carson has authored 6 books (in contrast to Rick Perry who claims to have read 6 books).  Dr Carson has very independent ideas much like that maverick Governor from Alaska who reads the teleprompter well (when its working).

Mitt Romney


Our first installment of the GOP presidential hopefuls.

Since Mitt Romney has officially stated that he will not continue to seek his party nomination – we start.
Romany served as Governor of Massachusetts (Original Mitt). While in office, he eliminated a massive deficit and invented ObamaCare - the health care portion was later rebranded as ObamaCare, but the concept of mandating insurance purchase by individuals from a collection of approved private providers, was at the core of the Romney plan. Romney left office, corporate tax loopholes were closed, Health Care was healthy and the State Budget had a surplus. He was a success in his position.




A song from 1923 - Tea for Two: "Picture me upon your knee, with tea for you and two for tea.  Just me for you and you for me...alone."

What is the US political movement known as The Tea Party?  They claim to be a grassroots, patriotic organization.  They have conservative views and sway some influence in the Republican party.  They aim to reduce the national debt, balance the federal budget, reduce the size of influence and government all while lowering taxes.  Whats not to like about those statements?




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Terror Suspect on The Loose

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Terror Suspect Evades Law Enforcement



This first map depicts the area historically known to be the area on the Native American Group the Aztecs.  This section is some times refered to as Azlatan.  The lighter the shading of red, the lighter the "regular presense" of the Aztecs as they moved freely, north and south based on seasons.