Sunday June 24, 2018

tom wheler

I would like to take a moment to thank Tom Wheeler and the FCC for passing the Net Neutrality Rules today.  A big win for the little guy.


The internet thanks you -


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There are days I wish I could go off and do something productive. Today is one of them. There are two nasty forces squaring off in a cage match right now. In one corner, Isis. In the other overt anti Islam sentiment.
Isis, the news media is doing their part in keeping folks informed about that crew is up to
The other group gets far less attention.


Bobby Jindal


Ladies and Gentlemen, Please meet the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.

Governor Jindal was on a roll - then we started to pay attention.



The above is a photograph from Newsweek - STORY HERE


Governor Palin is likely out of the 2016 race - based on a public collapse at the Iowa Freedom Summit in  January.  Since she certainly will be "around" during the cycle and had considered a bid for nomination prior to horrifying many potential voters....She is on the list.  STORY HERE

rick perry


The next on our list of 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls.  Former Texas Governor and current felony charge defendant Rick Perry.

Gov Perry has served 3 consecutive terms as Governor of the state of Texas.  5144 days to be exact.  The defining details of this term are flanked by former Texas Governor George W. Bush leaving office to become president to a Grand Jury Indictment for abuse of power charges filed against him.

The Indictment came from the accusation that Governor Perry threatened to veto funding to a Congress persons district if that congress member did not resign after being charged with drunk driving.  As this story is being written Perry's attorneys are attempting to have the names of the Grand Jury members released.  I hope that goes as well for him as similar requests go in police brutality cases where the officer receives a NO BILL judgment.  Again, off topic.  SEE IT HERE