Sunday June 24, 2018

Squeeze Play

Friday May 1 2015 – Six Baltimore police officers were charged in the wrongful death of Freddie Gray. The city breathed a collective sigh of relief and then celebrated for 3 days. One officer Caesar Goodson Jr, the driver of the transport van, was charged with second degree murder that carries a sentence of up to 30 years. All of the charges filed on this man add up to over 100 years of jail time. Jail is where he has most likely taken many people – that aint good.

The other 5 officers were charged with multiple offenses, the harshest penalty that may be rendered for them would be 10 years – also in jail.

Riot Shield and Helmet

Image by Chip Frenette

A friend reached out to see if anyone cared to join him on a trip to Baltimore on Wednesday April 29. He is a professional photographer.  I have a wander lust and like some wind shield time every now and again to get my thoughts together – so I agreed. It’s only a few hours away. The media had painted the situation as we were set to arrive on the other side of the moon. At first, I really didn’t consider the possible down side of driving into a riot torn city – after a few warnings from friends and some jokes about bringing guns, renting a car and various other stiff images, my heart raced a bit. Even worse, I had my few hours of wind shield time to consider the ugly possibilities. A couple of hands free phone calls kept me distracted.


Here at Digital Mugwump, we don't do much fiction writing.  Since current events can get a bit boring, we are going to take a crack at some fiction.

The hero of the story - that will be for you to decide after you see the outline of the plot.

Setting - Maybe a nice Harbor Town, something with a Revolutionary War feel.  East Coast should do nicely.

The main character Frankie Blue.  A 25 Year old man of modest means.  He lives in the neighborhood he grew up in.  To give him some character, Frankie will have some experience with law enforcement, but not too much.  Frankie needs to be likeable.

earth dollars

Please don’t turn off just yet. I am not going to tell you how to hug trees or post a chart of what should be recycled. There are plenty of people working very hard at those things.

I am however going to challenge you to think for a moment. The question “If the earth contains something, who does that something belong to?” I would have to argue that a natural resource is a common asset of everyone. Why do we treat these things as something different?

project new american century

We often hear the word agenda being used to describe the way a course of events are supposed to play out. The word has become more broadly defined as a personal or group thinking that guides a situation. It’s difficult to believe in luck. The people I know that seem to have the worst luck, seem to put themselves into positions where luck can only be against them. I suppose there are random elements of regular life. I suspect there are others that are preordained or coached into happening. When the king lemming leads his flock off the cliff, some may say that this is hard-wired into the DNA of the animal and they have no control to resist.

Father: Anti-Castro Cuban National, Mother: USA National, Ted: Born in Canada.
Attended Faith West Academy in Katy Texas, Second Baptist (High School) in Houston Texas. Princeton Under-Graduate, Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law, Graduated magna cum Laude, editor of the Harvard Law review. Was remembered by noted attorney and Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz as being “off the charts brilliant”
So far so good.