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US incarceration timeline


As time goes by, I am convinced that I can cover any 2 GOP presidential candidates with a single post. Today, I will attempt to introduce you all to Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham in a single article.

It’s becoming very apparent that the GOP is casting as broad of net as they can to attract voters. This broad coalition has a little something for everyone. We should view it as almost the reverse negative image of Jessie Jackson Rainbow Coalition. The big tent includes an African American to appeal to the other 8 African American Conservatives that were not in the Bush Administration. Their candidates include a woman Carly Fiorina – she will appeal to bad chief executive officers and any extra-terrestrials living on Earth. They have the “pot” guy in Rand Paul. The party has even gone outside of themselves to include a possible contender from the “Special Needs” category – this is of course former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Last but not least, they have 3 men that can check the box of Hispanic on government forms. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are all officially Hispanic.

fallen heros


Here is a run down of some facts.

There are 1.1m law enforcement officers in the USA.

The 15 year average of officers killed by intentional gunfire is 50.

That puts the mortaility rate is at 4.5 per 100,000 employees.


Lets clear up a few things that have been misconceived over the years.


The informal US motto was E Pluribus Unum (One out of many) prior to the formal adoption of a national motto in 1956.  The 1956 motto is In God We Trust.  This motto was added to US currency in 1963.

The original US Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Frank Bellamy - its purpose was to sell more US flags.  It was picked up and used in a grade school publication to celebrate Columbus' 400th anniversary of landing in the "new world".  This Pledge was picked up nationally in 1942.  The Pledge was modified to add the words UNDER GOD - to the One Nation, Under God, Indivisible passage in 1959.

The founding fathers rarely used the name of God in their documents.  These "historically linking Non Secular elements" were added to the American fabric either during WW2 or the Cold War.





There are many things with the US political process that make me sit back and think. One of these situations is Carly Fiorina running for President. I understand why she would run, but my question is really “who would actually vote for her?”

We know some “stuff” about her. She has a great education, schools include Stanford, MIT and the University of Maryland. She was a C Level leader at AT&T, Lucent and ultimately became the first woman CEO of a Fortune 100 company – Hewlett Packard. She shattered the glass ceiling.

I applaud that.