Wednesday June 28, 2017

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We have been exploring the 2016 GOP presidential candidate pool for a few months now. This project started off with a Tea Party flavor. To fully address the field, we need to look at some of the candidate that aren’t backed by the Tea Party – or at least aren’t currently backed by the Tea Party. These candidates are seen as to moderate to lead the USA. We have already addressed Rick Santorum, George Pataki and Fiorina. That leaves a few household names that may very well be in the race for a long time. They are The Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. This is an interesting crew. 12 months ago, Christie was seen as a clear front runner, The Donald is a regular candidate, and Jeb, well he is a Bush so it’s obviously his turn next – and HE can raise a pile of money.


He is the anti-vanilla. Sure, he is one of the most vanilla candidates in the 2016 field of GOP presidential candidates but at the same time he isn’t.

Sure, he is Pro Life, Anti-Gay rights (well anti-gay people), has compared Obamcare to apartheid, doesn’t believe the use of contraception and is vehemently against pornography like the rest of them – but yet, he is still different. Okay, he is anti-immigration reform, supported privatizing social security, loves guns, is an Israel Hawk, is anti-cannabis and anti-euthanasia – like the others, but he is still different.

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Here is a another case of me having not paid attention to a subject for a long time, accepted the situation at face value and assumed that it was the way it was.

The situation in question is the role of the police in America.

There are still criminals, bad people and people that wish to harm the innocent. For this...we need police.   No one can question that police serve an important role in society. The question is, where does that role start and stop. The police don’t make the laws themselves. They are the representatives that are tasked in enforcing the laws at the first rung on the justice ladder. Arrest the bad guys, process them into the “system”, allow the “process” to take over and testify in court in the event that you are asked to. Fairly basic stuff. There are most likely some laws that pertain to low level non-violent criminals that should be looked at and modernized, but as I have stated – this is not the role of the police. Reclassifying these types of criminals would take a sizeable chunk of the arrest situations off the table and simply by using the “odd” of something going wrong, drop the downside risk proportionality to the lesser encounters.

why i stand with rand

Let’s start by going on the record. I like the guy. What he did last night and over the last few weeks to help dilute the Patriot Act took courage and resolve. After the fear mongering dies down, society will appreciate what you have done – from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To address this candidate, I need to address his under lying policy of Libertarianism. A short quote on this philosophy is “The government that governs best, is the government that governs least”. It’s a wonderful concept. A very small government, self-determination, free will and personal liberty. If you as an individual break something, be responsible for it. Stay out of Foreign Entanglements, let people decide for themselves if smoking marijuana is right for them. Be an advocate for personal property. Buy and carry as many damn guns as you wish, there is no need for big brother to tell you not to. With no wars to fight, no bloated government agencies to feed, and no drain on our system, we can drop the tax rate immensely and balance the budget. This is Conservative Libertarianism and on the surface, what’s not to like?


George’s two claims to fame: Three term Governor of the State of New York, he also played Hikaru Sulu, the helmsman of the USS Enterprise in the TV Show Star Trek.

George came out as homosexual in 2005 and has been a well-recognized gay rights advocate since.

He was the Mayor of Peekskill New York, he even has an asteroid named after him – Asteroid 7307 Takei