Wednesday June 28, 2017

refugee title

The country of Syria has been turned inside out. The infrastructure is in shambles, large swaths of the country belong to rival sects. This situation is bad – very bad. In terms of human suffering the situation is quite dire. Imagine raising a family in a town where you aren’t sure who is in control. You aren’t sure if the water will turn on, the schools will open or that your trip to the market won’t end in a fire fight taking place before your eyes. It’s a mess.

This is the result of a civil war that has been raging in the nation since 2011. The initial intent of the civil war was to displace a nasty man named Bashar al-Assad. In the spring of 2011, Syria, like many other nations participated in an Arab Spring. Many nations in the region decided that the guy running the show, shouldn’t be so they rose up and kicked them out. Al-Assad responded to these protests as the bully on the block and cracked some heads.

gop debate

The Second set of GOP debates took place earlier this week. They were held in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and hosted by CNN. This debate featured basically the same set of rule as the prior debate that was hosted by Fox News. The entrants were the top polling candidates in the main debate and a lesser polling candidates at their own debate earlier in the evening. There were two noticeable changes in the participants, Texas Governor Rick Perry had called off his campaign, and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina was added to the primetime group.

The early debate may have been the more interesting. This featured Lyndsey Graham, Bobby Jindhal, Rick Santorum and George Pataki. I am not sure if the questions just aligned correctly or if there is hope. Many things that were stated were the typical rhetoric but there were some gems hidden in the context. This group addressed US tax code, Foreign Policy, Minimum wage reform, the difficulty of getting bi-partisan support to pass bills, the inner workings of authoring bills vs getting them passed and the novel concept of actually attempting to appeal to the US mainstream to win an election. None of this group are big money candidates (since Uncle Sheldon Aldeson shut Rick off. Noe of these folks has a snow ball chance of making it into 2016 with their campaign I tact, so I suppose it was time to be somewhat reasonable. I am not agree with most of their positions, they all appeared knowledgeable and dignified.

black lives matter

As we mark the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO, it may be time to reflect.

This single situation may have been the most polarizing event in the USA in the 21st century. A young black man (at 18 he is a man, but if he were my child, he is a child at 18) is killed by a police officer during a routine situation. All of the opinions have been formed as to what happened that day, so let’s not go there. Not to marginalize Mike, but the real story starts on the streets after this man is pronounced dead. Black men are shot and killed all of the time – sometimes by the police. There is nothing particularly national news worthy about this. Again I am not trying to marginalize a young man’s death.

The events of the next few hours have changed the dialogue in America.   The people of Ferguson were angry and intended to let the powers know that. The powers reacted quickly and harshly – with power. Raw, physical, brute force. America watched and the story begins.

humptydumpty1 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first GOP debate is in the history books. I hope you followed along as I did. When Scott Walker was asked a question, I pointed my cell phone camera hoping to get a glimpse of the bald spot I so eagerly needed for my big game trophy album. No such luck. What I did get, an old fashion lynching. Yesterday I spoke about all of my favorite things being together. The candidates: they did candidate things. Cleveland: I gave the town the business yesterday for a variety of reasons, but the town appeared to cooperate. The police weren’t beating people in the streets in front of the building… know who I am talking about Denver PD…..wink. The real nebbish in this event was the host Fox News.

cleveland steamer

August 6 2015: all of my favorite things will be in one place this evening. The setting Cleveland Ohio. The event, the first GOP debate. The network, Fox News.

Oh boy. Cleveland, where a police officer can fire more than 100 bullets into a car and the judge wasn’t able to determine if one of the 100+ bullets was the one that killed either of the two people in a vehicle. Where a police officer can shoot a tween for holding a toy gun and manage not to have any feedback from an investigation that has been going on for months – and when a video of the event surfaces that shreds everything that the officers on the scene put into their official statements. Cleveland, where the river was on fire for a while some years back – yes the river caught fire.

i ran

So unless you live in a closet or haven’t heard the news in a few months. The United States and Iran are about to make a deal.

Actual News People Report

This deal, as complex as it servers a few purposes; if you listen to the rumblings. It allows Iran access to materials that will allow them to make a nuclear bomb or generate their own electricity depending on who you listen to. It allows the US to inspect their progress as they delve into this new science – some say they will keep the “good stuff” in the back room and bamboozle us. The State of Israel seems to hate the deal – that’s why Bibi spoke to the United States Congress a few days before his election.  Dusting off his best Dr Strangelove speech.   We spoke about that here.   ISSAC NEWTON. The arms industry seems to hate this deal. The Republican Senators seem to hate this deal, the oil companies, the Koch brothers, the pipeline builders, and the potential 33 full time employees of the Keystone XL pipeline all hate this deal. Why?