Wednesday June 28, 2017

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Banana Republic  - How The United States woke up one day to realize they were heading in that direction.


Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas. It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy of business, political, and military elites.  This politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country's economy.

 GOP w Flag oval sticker

The setting of the third GOP debate was an interesting one. Boulder Colorado. Often referred to as the People Republic of Boulder of the Free State of Boulder due in part to how darn liberal the town is. The network hosting, also interesting, CNBC – the all business news channel. The participants were the same with the exception of Scott Walker who dropped out of the race after the last debate. They were Carson, Trump, Rubio, Fiorina, Bush, Christie, Huckabee, Paul and Kasich.

The debate was airing up against the MLB World Series. That meant ratings were going to be a bit softer than some of the previous blockbusters. The tone, somewhat civilized. The topics were going to tend to be more business related based on the format decided by CNBC. Carson and Trump had petitioned the network to hold the debate time to 2 hours. This makes sense in that the CNN hosted debate went on for almost 3 hours. Keep in mind Boulder Colorado is a mile high and there is some thin air. The lack of oxygen would play into the evening if endurance was tested. Just like it does in Pro sports – and most politicians are not in prime shape as a profession athlete would be. It made complete sense to set a limit.

As with previous debates there was one held earlier in the evening for the candidates that weren’t fairing as well in the polls. This evening, the early debate was the better of the two. This event featured Lyndsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Rick Santorum.

 democratic donkey kicking

October 13, 2015, the night of the first of many Democrat Party debates. The setting Sin City. The Host, CNN and apparently Facebook. The participants:

Former NY Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley

Former Republican Lincoln Chafee

Closet Republican Jim Webb

The only bomb to drop this evening would be one of allegory when Mr. Webb spoke about the Vietnamese person he killed in the late 60’s who had tossed a hand grenade at him.


We have an elephant in the room America. It’s a huge elephant that people do address, but no one seems to address properly. Guns, The Second Amendment, Gun Control depending on what side of the argument you are on.

I am from a part of the world where just about everyone owns a gun. If there were some tracking mechanism, guns most likely out number people. Hunting licenses are issued to children at age 12. Concealed weapons permits flow from the county government on a daily basis. With that, I cannot honestly say that I am anti-gun. Guns are just part of life and part of the fabric of my and many other communities around the United States.

With the very high percentage of people that I know with guns, I don’t think I know a single irresponsible gun owner. Not one – out of literally hundreds and hundreds of gun owners. All ages, shapes and sizes of people. All ages, shapes and sizes of guns as well.

Anonymous - We Are One - Ep 1 from Secret Anonymous Idea on Vimeo.

 pinocchio walker

The one time darling of the Koch Kingmaking Empire is unexpectedly out of the race for president of the United States in 2016. Walker stated that he received a call from God telling it was time to go. As part of his exit speech, he also stated that there is a deep need to come together and help defeat Donald Trump.

Let’s decipher this cryptic situation.