Wednesday June 28, 2017

I had been tinkering with a few names for this site.  I was wondering what exactly the concept, format and overall feel would be.  What i settled on was something technophobic, satirical, informative, and a bit dark.  The goal was to incorporate elements of Social Media, Electronic Gaming, and take a few shots at the big guys who run this new frontier of humanity. 

To accomplish this, i am taking a bit of Dystopian fiction and movies - think George Orwell's novel 1984 meets The 1969 film Omega Man and mashing them up with a flavor of the old school outlaw journalist.  Hunter Thompson and William Burroughs specifically.

Now what do you name such an animal.  Digital has the modern feel of technology - Mugwump serves a 3 fold process.  Native Americans used the word Mugwump to refer to a person with knowledge.  A Mugwump is a term for someone that is undecided - well, it grew into that.  A Mugwump was a member of the Republican Party in the mid 1800's in the USA.  The Mugwumps felt that the core of the party no longer served the good of the country so bolted and formed a splinter party named The Mugwumps.  Lastly, a recurring character in Burroughs novels was the Mugwump.  At times mugwumps would send the character of Bill Lee into exciting and bizarre situations.  They became noted for bringing out the worst in Mr Lee as time went on. 


Me - I am a fairly regular middle age guy.  Too young to be a baby boomer, too old to be generation X.

I survived the punk rock movement, the emergence of the computer chip as the focal point of our lives and even a rounded Roman Catholic education.

This is my first web site - i am trying a strategy that i developed.  Not being trained in an any sort of programing, low knowledge of the SEO business, no email list to bombard and a shoe string budget, all make this as exciting as it can be. 2 little kids, a wife, a dog, a cat and some bills.  We live happily in what could be called District 12 if i was at all interested in piling on the Hunger Games band wagon. 

I write because I enjoy it.  I wish i had more time to fully develop this thing. Duty occasionally calls.




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